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“Far away land”

Nantucket takes its name from the Wampanoag Indians who lived on the island. At that time, traveling to Nantucket from the mainland was quite a journey. Nowadays, the 30 miles from Cape Cod to Nantucket is a short ferry ride away. Yet, Nantucket somehow still feels far away. There are over 800 Colonial era Nantucket homes on the National Historic Register. You won’t find chain restaurants or street lights here. And, 46 percent of the island is held in a land trust. It’s no wonder an escape to Nantucket feels like modern time travel.

Nantucket Island is full of history, heritage and hours of beachside wandering – 82 miles of pristine coastline to be exact. This former whaling capital of the world once heralded for its pioneering spirit in the 19th century, is a picturesque look into the past. Cobblestoned streets, perfectly manicured gardens, world-class dining and shopping make Nantucket Island the perfect destination. Charming shingled cottages mix with the brick mansions of whale ship owners on Main Street as well as some of the first steepled churches in the United States offering a glimpse into our shared Colonial past.  Nantucket Island is preserved like no other location in the United States.  Along the wharves and in the historic heart of town, high-end boutiques open doors next to world-class Nantucket restaurants. Tourists and locals flock to one-of-a-kind shops and art galleries for their old-world charm and contemporary offerings.

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